Cryptococcal Meningitis

Cryptococcal meningitis is frequently seen in immunocompromised patients. This article describes the diagnosis and management of this condition in resource poor settings.

How I chose my first motorcycle

I got my first motorcycle on 20th July, 2019. It is a TVS Apache RTR 200 4v with dual channel ABS and slipper clutch. In this article I'm writing about how I choose this model.

Why I choose motorcycling

Recently I started motorcycling as a hobby. This article is about the reasons I decided to take up this hobby.

Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome

Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome is the worsening of some pre-existing illness due to improvement of immunity in an immunocompromised patient. This brief article primarily focuses on TB IRIS.

Acid Base Disorders

This article describes the acid disorders in humans. It discusses the physiology behind the acid base balance, different disorders of acid base balance, their pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatments.

Fifteen basic knots

This article describes fifteen basic knots and how to tie them. The knots are selected according to their importance and the ease of learning them.

Gunshot injuries in Forensic Medicine

Discusson of gunshot injuries in Forensic Medicine is mainly concerened about the wounds produced by firearms on human bodies and the informations that can be derived by examining them.

A very short guide to ECG interpretation

This is a very short guide to ECG interpretation. This article focuses on quickly enabling you to read ECG strips in a step by step method.

File Sharing over Network

File sharing is one of the most necessary job in everyday life. But it becomes extremely easy and efficient if you have your computers connected with a Local Area Network. LAN sharing is faster than Internet sharing and more convenient than moving files physically.

Linux Filesystem

This blog article describes the most basic structure of Unix file system. In Linux everything is a file. All the folders and files are inherited from a single root. The storage devices are mounted to existing directories and accessed from there.

Creating a Website

This blog article describes the fundamental things you need to know to build a website with schematic diagram of server-client model.

What does Hacking mean

The word hacking does not mean illegal access to other people’s information. But the real meaning of the word is knowing a system inside out, finding problems and solving them.

GPG Keys

GPG is an asymmetric encryption system that enables people to securely exchange data. GPG depends on a key pair. A message can be encrypted by public key and then it can only be decrypted by the corresponding private key.

GNU/Linux Adoption

Linux is a secure, customizable and easy to use OS that follows the Unix standards. This article describes why you should consider moving to Linux.

Chakravyuha and potential counter-measures

Chakravyuha is a troop formation mentioned in the Indian epic of Mahabharata. This article describes the formation and speculates about some potential counter-measures against it.

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