Happy Hypoxia in COVID-19

Patients with COVID-19 may experience arterial hypoxemia without any sensation of respiratory distress. Although poorly understood, various hypotheses have been proposed to explain this phenomenon.

Types of Error in Medical Statistics

Medical research often involves testing of null hypothesis in order to determine the significance of the findings. Two types of errors may occur in this method, type 1 error and type 2 error.

P-value and Confidence Interval

Many studies report significance of study findings in terms of p-value and confidence interval. This article describes in short what these terms mean.

A Practical Guide to Systematic Reviews

This article describes how to do a systematic review. This is more of a practical step by step guide than a theoretical piece. Hopefully it'll give you an idea about systematic reviews and help you to write your own.

Platelet Transfusion in Dengue

Management of dengue patients sometimes requires platelet transfusion, but an over-enthusiasm may be inappropriate. This article examines the available evidences regarding rational use of platelet transfusion in dengue.

Evidence Based Medicine

Evidence Based Medicine is the concept of treating patients based on solid evidence gathered from medical research. This is a brief article about its implications in our clinical practice.

Droplet Infection

Droplet infection is a major way of disease transmission. A number of infections can spread this way. Some basic things about droplet infections are described in this article.

Cryptococcal Meningitis

Cryptococcal meningitis is frequently seen in immunocompromised patients. This article describes the diagnosis and management of this condition in resource poor settings.

Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome

Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome is the worsening of some pre-existing illness due to improvement of immunity in an immunocompromised patient. This brief article primarily focuses on TB IRIS.

Acid Base Disorders

This article describes the acid base disorders in humans. It discusses the physiology behind the acid base balance, different disorders of acid base balance, their pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatments.

Gunshot injuries in Forensic Medicine

Discusson of gunshot injuries in Forensic Medicine is mainly concerened about the wounds produced by firearms on human bodies and the informations that can be derived by examining them.

A very short guide to ECG interpretation

This is a very short guide to ECG interpretation. This article focuses on quickly enabling you to read ECG strips in a step by step method.

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