The Shield of the Nation

The Shield of the Nation

— by Dr. Agnibho Mondal

A plague had come to reap the souls of men,
A call to arms to save the world for you,
You did reply, your head held high, a "yes!"
The people's shield, you bravely faced the death.

They clapped for you, the conches blew so loud,
They did thank you and candles glowed for you.
Hope was here, the thankful cheer will last,
If you should fall, you'll rest in peace in heart.

A fool's heaven, a mockery vain, was all
Beaten and bashed, spat at and cursed, you were.
Even in death they denied rest to you,
The hour dark and people's heart was black.

The vow you took to serve them all till death,
Though hope was dry, you held it high in faith!

This poem is dedicated to all the frontline healthcare workers in India who has to face many adversities from the very people they are trying to serve.


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